Accelerate your Small/Medium Enterprise insurance portfolio with Glide eTrading.

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Operating real-time insurance
e-trading platforms servicing global markets for 15+ years.


SME Insurance on Autopilot

Delegated Authorities and SME products can employ complex rating matrices, custom wordings, and require flexibility while negotiating with your distribution channel. Glide overlays and automates your existing workflow in an unobtrusive and intuitive way.

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We’re the Intersection of Insurance, Technology and Marketing

Among Glide’s management team are seasoned Insurance, Technology and Marketing executives having spent their careers in Global markets.

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Glide delivers measurable business results, reducing costs, increasing profitability and building customer loyalty while modernizing your portfolio and process.

Glide Benefits

Reduce Cost

Automate manual processing, eliminate human errors, and alleviate costs associated with Delegated Authority requirements.

Increase Throughput and Profitability

Process business at less cost making smaller premium products viable.

Empowered Real Time Changes, Without IT

Implement changes faster with real time control for Underwriters to adjust rates, wordings and business rules.

Improve Distribution

Enable your Broker network with faster response times for quoting, binding and administration of risks to improve the customer experience and build loyalty.

Refocus Resources

Focus resources on business building activities vs. processing functions.

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